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This year Edgemont Elementary School has implemented the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) framework to help develop a culture that embodies our “All For One and One For All” mentality.  This includes Edgemont’s core values of: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. 

At the beginning of the year school staff spent a significant amount of time teaching students expected behavior in each area of the school.  A behavior matrix was developed that outlines the expected behaviors.  Location specific expectations were taught by faculty or staff members who gave a presentation on expected behaviors.  Each grade level completed the same teaching rotation to ensure consistency in schoolwide expectations.  We also developed posters that were hung at each location as a visual reminder to help students.

Before the school year began the faculty also got together and discussed a consistent behavior management system to help students redirect their behavior when needed. The system that is used is based on three colors: green, yellow, and red. Each color has a specific meaning that goes with it so the faculty Schoolwide Behavior Managementand staff use the same language when addressing negative or inappropriate behaviors. Green is "On Target", yellow is "Pause and Think", and red is "Stop and Change". Using these three colors and terms as a guide, students can know if they are acting according to the three core values.

To help students be respectful and maintain appropriate noise levels in the different locations of the school the faculty and staff have also implemented a voice level chart that helps the students know how loud they are expected to be. The chart ranges from 1-5 and has different indicators for each level. One is no talking, Two is whisper, Three is table talk, Four is strong speaker, and Five is Outside.
Students that remain on green or yellow all week are recognized by getting an On Target Ticket. Periodically multiple names are drawn from our On Target Ticket bucket and students are rewarded with small incentives.




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